We have a unique service that has not yet been presented on the Russian design market: we are engaged in feng shui audit and selection of not only the interior for the whole family, taking into account an individual birth chart with all directions, but also the exterior for private houses and landscape design. What does it give? All this will allow all family members to live not only in a beautiful and harmonious space, but will also allow you to maintain happy relationships and health for life. Since competent feng shui will improve almost all areas of all spheres of life, the owners will not suffer from the consequences choosing a house, apartment or office. For an incorrectly set front door, or incorrect arrangement of furniture and the appointment of premises, can nullify the coolest and most expensive design and architecture. And even cost the lives of the owners … True feng shui is invisible, you will not see an abundance of Chinese souvenirs in it, but only a competent layout and a harmonious selection of furniture, decoration and accessories.

  • Feng Shui audit of premises and the surrounding landscape
  • Diagnosis of the natal birth chart according to Ba Zi and Qi Men Dun Jia
  • Selection of corrections for various areas of life
  • Connecting Feng Shui to the development of a design project

The application of Chinese metaphysics is possible both as a separate service and in combination with the development of a design project